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The Secret Health Benefits of Vanilla

The humble, sweet-smelling vanilla bean has become synonymous with ice cream, candy, and just about every delicious dessert you can think of. But did you know that this beloved bean also has many health benefits for your body and mind? In fact, tribal cultures have used this bean pod, and the vine of the orchid it is derived from, for a wide range of medicinal purposes. Read on to find out about this delectable way to enhance your total well-being.

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Feeling Stressed?
Try Vanilla For Emotional Balance

Experience The Health Benefits of Vanilla!There’s a reason that vanilla is so often used in foods known to bring happiness, like favorite desserts and drinks. There are indeed strong connections between this plant-derived flavor and the proper functioning of many of our mental and emotional systems.

1. Mood elevation. Here is a caffeine-free way to give your whole day a lift! Vanilla promotes feelings of happiness, optimism, and peacefulness. Our positive associations with this flavor are so well-established, that sometimes even just seeing the word printed on a package can inspire a sense of contentedness and good will.

2. Stress relief.Experience Our All-Natural Vanilla Infused Products!We all have stressful moments. But luckily, the planet has provided an all-natural tool to help you relax. Adding some form of vanilla into your day can dramatically soothe frayed nerves and anxious thoughts.

3. Aphrodisiac. That’s right, there is a scientific basis for all of those romantic valentine candies – vanilla can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Is that love in the air, or just the rich smell of vanilla?

To achieve these benefits, you don’t even have to take a bite of a vanilla dish – you often only have to smell it! For this reason, non-culinary products like vanilla bath and beauty gels and creams are also very popular and luxurious ways to enhance emotional wellness.

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Use This Time-Honored Flavor To Bring Balance To Your Body

Little did you know that one of the great natural medicinals could be found in your kitchen cupboard, not your medicine cabinet! Find Out More About How To Cook With Vanilla Today! Of course, you should consult with your doctor for any serious medical condition, but many people have enjoyed these incredible physical health benefits with the use of vanilla.

➤ Healing/Antibacterial/Anti-inflammatory. Try the technique that’s been used in tribal cultures for centuries. Taken both internally and externally, vanilla has powerful healing properties. It has been used to help wounds close, and is naturally both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

➤ Pain relief. Vanilla’s anti-inflammatory qualities aid in analgesic pain relief from minor soreness, cuts, and even toothaches.

Find Out More About Healthy Vanilla Recipes➤ Stomach relief. Stomach grumbling? The scent and taste of vanilla will instantly soothe an upset stomach, while the non-toxic, non-inflammatory bean helps restore bad digestion back into a balanced state.

➤ Fortifying and preventative care. Perhaps you’ve read about the anti-aging qualities of anti-oxidants. Vanilla is a great source of anti-oxidant power – helping keep the cells of your body strong and disease-free.

➤ Vitamins and minerals. You guessed it – our favorite little bean is also a source of B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, and other essential minerals.

➤ Weight-loss. Used to enhance flavors in a broad range of dishes, vanilla allows you to cut sugar intake, improving overall health in countless ways including weight. Lower your daily intake of refined sugar, and eliminate the hypoglycemic spikes that go along with it, keeping insulin levels balanced and your system running smoothly.

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Insist Upon The Highest Quality Vanilla For The Best Health Benefits, At The Hawaiian Vanilla Company

Visit Us & Experience The Hawaiian Vanilla Luncheon On The Big Island In Hawaii! When it comes to the health and well-being of your body and emotions, there should be no compromise in the quality of the food and supplements you eat. If you’re excited to explore the time-tested health benefits of vanilla, sample the amazing range of products at the first commercial vanilla operation in America – the Hawaiian Vanilla Company.

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Forging a caring and natural relationship with the land and its flavorful crops, the family-run Hawaiian Vanilla Company has cultivated a rich and powerful source of total wellness – the amazing Hawaiian vanilla bean.
Find Out More About The Family-Run Hawaiian Vanilla Company!
The Hawaiian Vanilla Company boasts a fantastic line of delicious (and nutritious) products featuring their signature crop – including vanilla extract, spice rubs, cookies, and personal health and beauty products.

100% pure vanilla (More News) brings more than just an intoxicating scent to the selection of cleansers, lip balm, and lotions. The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial qualities of vanilla make it the perfect complement to any skin care regime. Enjoy Amazing Vanilla Desserts Too!The SPF 30 Sunscreen moisturizes and protects, calming both skin and the senses with its delicate, pleasant aroma.

Or, if you prefer to soothe your system while indulging your sweet tooth at the same time, sample some delectable Hawaiian Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies. Cookies as medicine? That’s not as big a stretch as you might think. The emotionally balancing scent of these irresistible cookies will indeed calm stress levels even before you take the first bite. The joy you’ll get from the next few nibbles doesn’t need to be backed up by fancy science – any child will confirm it!

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