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Gluten-Free Vanilla Cookies - A Treat Your Body Will Love

Delicious vanilla cookies are a staple of just about every childhood. But traditional recipes for this time-honored favorite don’t reflect the evolving needs of the modern diet. Many people now find themselves on the hunt for a full arsenal of gluten-free products to aid in digestion. But does this spell disaster for our beloved vanilla cookies? It doesn’t have to. Even if you’ve never worn an oven mitt, there are simple solutions that allow you to stay gluten-free while enjoying all of your favorite classic treats.

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What Is Gluten And Why Is “Gluten-free” Such A Popular Health Craze?

Find Out How Gluten-Free Cookies Can Help Your Health!Gluten is simply a form of protein found in processed wheat products, which have been a staple of supermarket shelves for many decades. There’s nothing inherently wrong with gluten; however, some people have a special sensitivity to this type of protein. This can lead to inflammation akin to allergic reactions, especially for people with celiac disease.

Here are some of the common symptoms which may indicate gluten sensitivity:

1. Bad digestion and stomach discomfort
2. Chronic fatigue
3. Migraines
4. Joint inflammation
5. Sharp mood swings

Cookies With Gluten Can Cause Stomach Pain.If you experience these symptoms when eating gluten-heavy foods, consult with your doctor to find out if you are indeed gluten intolerant. The good news is, there are more products than ever before which cater to our new health consciousness and needs. Not only that, but there are simple recipes you can make at home that are right in line with your gluten-free diet... most importantly, our old friends vanilla cookies!

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A Simple Gluten-Free Recipe For Vanilla Cookies

First and foremost, any gluten-free cookie recipe means ditching the conventional white flour. Look for flours that do not have a wheat base and which are made from other grains or nuts. Shop For Gluten-Free Flour For Your Vanilla Cookies!Modern packaging should clearly indicate if the flour is gluten-free. It’s important to choose flour that has a gum added, which will help the dough retain its stickiness, so the cookies can keep their shape.

No matter what your special dietary needs require, the most important issue for any baker is taste. Don’t compromise on flavor, and put the highest quality vanilla into every cookie. With great vanilla as a basis, even the simplest recipes can really shine.

Here are basic vanilla cookies that will satisfy the kids, or just the kid in you.

➤ 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
➤ 1 cup gluten-free flour
➤ 2 eggs
➤ 1/2 cup raw sugar (You can substitute stevia, raw honey, or the sweetener of your choice)
➤ 8 tablespoons butter or ghee

Bake Delicious Gluten-Free Vanilla Cookies Today!Start by mixing the eggs and sweetener until they are smooth and velvety. Then, one by one, add the vanilla extract, the butter, and the flour, mixing in each new ingredient, and keeping that same texture in the batter.

Now, lay out tablespoon-sized clumps on a baking sheet, and slide it into an oven pre-heated to 400 degrees. After 10 minutes, peek at the cookies, and when they appear crispy and lightly browned, pull them out and let them cool.

Of course, this very simple recipe is just the beginning. Get experimental and add spices, chocolate, or dried fruit. But no matter what you add, remember that the cornerstone to any great cookie recipe is top quality vanilla.

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Bake Great Vanilla Cookies With Superb Vanilla From The Hawaiian Vanilla Company

Vanilla Extract Being Cooked For A Variety of Dishes.Of course, simple vanilla cookies are just the very beginning of a world of recipes that feature vanilla. Think of that humble cookie as the basic building block in a vast vanilla vocabulary. And if you want to try your hand at preparing some truly sophisticated vanilla deserts, it makes sense to go right to the source.

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The first ever commercial vanilla grower in the U.S., the Hawaiian Vanilla Company was founded with only one mission: to develop and grow the finest vanilla in the world. This entails more than just finding the richest beans and studying the cutting edge science behind modern farming techniques. The One and Only Family-Run Hawaiian Vanilla Company!Hawaiian Vanilla Co. has done all that. But to truly know vanilla, you must cook with it! So you can be sure this warm, family run farm is a vibrant laboratory for some of the most delicious vanilla deserts in the world.

You can browse some of the easy, family-favorite recipes for sweets on the Hawaiian Vanilla Co.’s recipe blog. Then check out the wide range of vanilla products for kitchen and body, made with beans grown right on the gorgeous northern coast farm on the stunning Big Island of Hawaii. Discover Our Wide Range of Vanilla Products!Make the 100% pure Hawaiian Vanilla Extract the centerpiece of your next cookie adventure.

Whether it’s doctor recommended or just a dietary trend you’ve found personal success with, a gluten-free menu does not mean having to eliminate the foods you love. We all have a sweet spot in our hearts for the simple vanilla cookie (More News). As long as first rate vanilla is in the mix, we can all enjoy the magical vanilla cookie for generations to come.

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